A Tesla Model 3 was caught on camera exploding after it got in a wreck with a parked tow truck on Saturday.

The driver was traveling down a Moscow highway with his two children when the crash took place, and amazingly, all three were able to escape without being fatally harmed.

Watch the fiery blasts below:

The man behind the wheel, Alexei Tretyakov, said the vehicle was in autopilot mode, but that he still held the wheel when the accident happened.

Tretyakov estimates the car was going 62 mph when he clipped the side of the tow truck he says he couldn’t see.

He broke his leg in the crash, but luckily his children merely suffered bruises.

Tretyakov could soon learn more about why his car exploded, as Tech Crunch reports, “The circumstances of this crash are still unclear, and there will no doubt be an investigation, as there are for any serious issues like this.”

Watch an ABC news report on the accident below:

In 2018, Infowars reported on two incidents involving Tesla vehicles, one where two teens were killed in an explosion and another in which a Tesla on autopilot rammed into the back of a parked fire truck.

David Knight covered a story about a Tesla spontaneously combusting earlier this year in the following show segment:

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