Sure 5G means more devices at mega-fast speeds, low delays, and your personal files will instantly pop out of the cloud, but the 5G rollout is rife with so many issues threatening human health and civil liberties that its simply easier for the mainstream media to sell you a stack of positives rather than address the mountain of negatives.

Meanwhile, the Federal government just signs off on Big Tech’s blank check.

They will simply deal with the repercussions later.

Why not? Congress is so unaccountable, liability is at an all-time joke level.

Why not let a massive unknown potential health threat spread itself throughout every city and suburb across the United States?

Why is 5G a risk?

5G uses ultra-high frequencies with high intensity, which is further compounded by the millimeter waves that do not travel through objects or as far as 4G or 3G.

Also, additional mini cell towers must be installed because the current cell towers can’t accommodate 5G.

As writes, “It is estimated that they will need a mini cell tower every 2 to 8 houses. This will greatly increase our RF Radiation exposure. All cell towers emit Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation. This is what makes them dangerous. 5G can support up to a million devices per square kilometer, while 4G supports only up to 100,000 devices per square kilometer. With RF Radiation, how close the source is to our physical bodies, is more important than the power level (or wattage) of the radiation. RF Radiation dissipates with distance. In other words, a low powered exposure right next to someone is more dangerous than a more powerful exposure a long ways away. Also the longer the exposure time is, the more dangerous it is. 5G will be the worst of both worlds. We will have more sources around us, and closer to us. And they will be more powerful and continuous emissions.”

One minor solution; invest in a WiFi Router guard.

They can reportedly block as much as 95% of the radiation emitted from your router.

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