To see the action, skip ahead to 2:10.

Former leader of the English Defence League and frequent Infowars guest Tommy Robinson released a video of himself punching a migrant in the face for threatening to kill him and attacking his camera crew.

Robinson was in Italy covering the country’s elections when he decided to visit the same “no-go zone” reporter Francesca Parisella was attacked in.

While filming, Robinson and his camera crew were spotted by a group of migrants.

One of them reached for Robinson’s cameraman, saying, “I’ll get him.”

Robinson shoved the migrant away, but the man kept coming back and making threats, shouting in broken English, “Keep your life!”

Next, the migrant came at Tommy from behind while yelling, “I can kill your,” but he never finished his sentence because Robinson struck him with a nasty right hook, sending the man plummeting to the ground.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after and allowed Robinson and his crew to leave the area without being arrested.

Explaining what happened, Robinson told Breitbart London, “While I was filming a report in a no go zone a group of migrants tried to attack my camera crew. They were screaming abuse, coming at the camera repeatedly and threatening to kill me. I was forced to act to defend my film crew. in this situation the mainstream media would have preferred I let him kill me”.

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