Video footage shows social justice warriors in Norway literally screaming like mentally ill people to protest against anti-immigration comments made by a conservative minister.

Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug, a member of the Progress Party, has been labeled the female Donald Trump. Her viral success on Facebook has led to a mass triggering of leftists.

The outrage was sparked when Listhaug celebrated a New York Times article that listed Norway as the “most determined to send rejected refugees back to where they came from.”

This prompted left-wing actor Kristoffer Joner to launch a campaign against Listhaug, calling her “vicious” and “reprehensible” for expressing pleasure over Norway’s strict migrant policy. Joner encouraged people to make donations to the pro-migrant Norwegian organization for asylum seekers (NOAS).

However, it subsequently emerged that the campaign had actually been initiated by an advertising agency, leading to donors feeling they had been tricked by Joner.

Listhaug responded by suggesting that leftists should instead have given money to “helping refugees in their own areas” rather than helping them get to Europe. She then labeled her critics “a bunch of whiners”.

In their infinite wisdom, leftists then thought it would be a good idea to visit Listhaug’s officers and literally act like a bunch of whiners. Video footage shows them screaming and yelling like escaped mental patients, while others appear to be howling like dogs.

“When the leftists run out of reasonable arguments, they go full retard and turn to this,” comments Speisa.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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