President Trump ridiculed Antifa at a MAGA rally in Georgia Sunday, declaring that the violent left wing group is part of a broader Democratic Party-backed mob movement.

“Antifa … You have seen it … they take the helmet off, and they take the armbands and you see these little arms … and then you see the clubs,” Trump said, sending the crowd into roars of laughter.

“You see these guys, you take off their black helmet and black outfit with the pads. Tough guys. Swinging clubs viciously.” The President added.

The president described the so called anti-fascists as “bad people.”

He then pondered on what would happen if Antifa was confronted by a “Bikers for Trump” group.

“Where are the bikers for Trump?” the President quipped.

Trump’s words triggered Morning Joe Hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, who accused Trump of inciting violence.

“What does that even mean?” Scarborough said, adding “Did he not see what happened when Mick Jagger hired Hells Angels at Altamont?”

“It’s a very short step from that rhetoric to saying that I want some volunteer citizens to provide security at my rallies and to bring their weapons,” Scarborough added, concluding “That puts us spiraling into a terrible direction.”

Trump was following up on his previous “jobs not mobs” slogan premiered in a Republican National Committee ad from last month.

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