A man posing as a Donald Trump supporter causing disruption at rallies has been exposed as a Democratic plant.

The latest incident occurred last night during Marco Rubio’s speech in Florida as the establishment Republican conceded defeat and suspended his campaign.

According to those in the crowd, the heckler donned a Donald Trump hat and shouted “You lost Marco!!!” while Rubio was in the midst of his speech.

Rubio responded “Don’t worry he won’t get beat up at our event,” taking a stab at the violence that has occurred at some Trump rallies.

Nevertheless, reports indicate that some in the crowd went for the heckler, grabbing his hat and throwing it across the room.

Video later emerged of the man, dressed in a blazer, red tie and khaki pants, being escorted from the venue while complaining and asking for his hat back.

This appears to be the same guy who attended a Trump rally earlier in the week wearing a Nazi style armband emblazoned with a ‘T’ for Trump, which obviously no real Trump supporter would do, unless they were intensely stupid.

Social media users also pointed out that the guy has been seen front row at Hillary Clinton events, this one in particular where he wore a T-shirt with Hillary’s logo on it, but adorned with the slogan “settle for Hillary”.

What do you think? Is this guy a Democratic plant? Is he a Bernie Sanders supporter? Is he being employed to disrupt GOP events? Or is he just a straight up douchebag?


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com.

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