During a rally in Fort Wayne, IN Monday night, President Trump was interrupted by detractors yelling in protest.

The President noted that the media’s camera “turned like a pretzel,” to capture the critics in action, but they never pan around at any other time because it would reveal the truly massive size of his crowds.

“They keep it right trained in my face, which I don’t like and about five people behind me.” Trump declared, quipping, “somebody there is going to be a star!”

When a second person interrupted, Trump simply yelled back “Out! Out!”

As security removed the individuals the President told his detractors to “Go home to mommy! Go home to mommy.”

Trump described the individual as “a weak person with a weak voice.”

“You know the funny thing about this stuff though?” noted Trump. “There’s a guy who is a weak person with a weak voice. Nobody hears him, but our guys are all going crazy like this [gestures].”

“Our guys actually make the disturbance, but that’s OK,” Trump further told the crowd. “We love our guys. What can we do? We love ’em.”

Trump response drew raucous applause, as the ‘protesters’ were escorted out of the building.

While thousands packed inside the stadium, a smattering of protesters outside were kneeling and playing the national anthem while yelling “Racist song! Racist country!” at one point one protester even yelled “F*** this song!”


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