During a campaign stop in Florida Monday, GOP nominee Donald Trump once again warned that Democrats supported by the corporate media are rigging polls in an effort to influence voting in the lead up to the election.

Warning that polls are being manipulated to make it appear that Hillary Clinton has a a lead of up to double figures, Trump claimed that the motive is “voter suppression:.

“When they leave the polls alone, I’m leading. But you see these polls, they are polling Democrats,” he said.

Trump explained that the polls will discourage some Republicans from voting.

“It’s called voter suppression, because people will say, ‘Aw, gee, Trump’s out.’ Folks, we are winning.” he told the crowd.

“These thieves and crooks, the media — not all of it but much of it — they are the most crooked, almost as crooked as Hillary. They may even be more crooked than Hillary because without the media, she’d be nothing.” Trump added.

He also pointed to admissions from the leaked Podesta emails that revealed Hillary’s strategy team discussing how to manipulate polls.

“WikiLeaks also shows how John Podesta rigged the polls by oversampling Democrats, a voter suppression technique,” Trump said during the rally in St. Augustine.

The email Trump is referring to requests recommendations on “oversamples for polling” in order to “maximize what we get out of our media polling.”

The email thread also contains a 37-page guide with a plethora of poll-rigging recommendations, including over sampling of demographic groups such as African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans being highly recommended.

Trump tweeted about the revelation Monday before his speech:

The media has played its part in skewing the polls, with outlets such as Reuters, The Washington Post and ABC News disproportionately polling more registered Democrats, and presenting the findings as a fair representation of all voters.

Some of the polls have shown Hillary Clinton to be leading by double figures, while other polls, including a Los Angeles Times/USC poll where Democrats and Republicans are polled evenly, show a dead tie, or only 1 or two points difference between the candidates.

TIPP pollster Reaghavan Mayur told reporters that he believes the surveys showing Clinton with a double-digit lead are highly questionable.

“In 2008, Obama defeated McCain by 7.2 and that was a blowout election in terms of enthusiasm. Everyone was revved up and to accentuate it, there was the financial tsunami,” Mayur said.

“And you’re telling me now that now in 2016 Clinton is up by 12? Does that jibe with anything we’ve seen in the past or common sense?” the pollster added.

During his rally, Trump derided the media, declaring “These people are among the most dishonest people in the world, the media. They are the worst.”

“They’re trying to fix the election for Crooked Hillary,” Trump said, while his supporters roundly booed.

Trump challenged the press to “turn their cameras to see the crowd.”

“They never do it,” he said, exclaiming “They don’t want to show the crowd. They don’t want to show what’s happening. They don’t want to show the movement.”

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