A former Twitter software engineer admitted the social media giant silences users at the request of foreign governments, notably China, on undercover video released by Project Veritas.

A Project Veritas journalists asked Conrado Miranda if any governments have pressured Twitter to ban political dissidents from its platform.

“Yeah. We are constantly under attack from the Chinese,” Miranda said. “Like, both Chinese hackers, like, “good guys” and from Chinese government.”

“Because sometimes they ask us to take down an account, and we don’t take down, because we’re, like, at the end of it all, like, anybody say…”

“And then the Chinese government, like, starts to try and hack us, and sometimes they point someone, or like yeah, we actually violated blah blah blah. And then the good guys from China start attacking us. It’s a mess,” he added.

The PV journalist then asked, “So Twitter doesn’t necessarily offer free speech around the world?”

“No,” Miranda said.

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