After the local CBS affiliate posted the report to their twitter feed, the mob piled on: Posting a child being thrown off a cliff, another being thrown into a fire, and another posted a wrestler destroying a kid in his living room. It was a public celebration of child abuse.

The moronic millennial horde called for the kid to be fined for not having a permit, for his parents to be arrested.

All of this on the local CBS Affiliate’s twitter page. And the sad truth is, Millennials aren’t really to blame.

They have been indoctrinated by a scourge of Marxist anti-American reeducation that has total control of the American school system from the bottom up, suckered into trading their individual freedoms for temporary triggers harboring pseudo-sycophantic ideals that only exist in the propaganda they have been spoon fed.

Infowars version with live comments:

Alex Jones broke the story that the FBI is investigating the Empire production crew for the Jussie Smollett hoax. Alex calls in from the road to comment and Owen continues to break down the facts thus far.

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