New video shows an Uber driver in London refusing service to Rebel Media reporter Caolan Robertson over Robertson’s criticism of Islam.

The clip, filmed by Robertson after he got in the taxi, shows the Muslim driver explaining how he disagrees with Robertson’s colleague Tommy Robinson.

He then claims that Robinson, Robertson and Muslim reformist Maajid Nawaz are all “funded by the Zionists” with no evidence. He also asserts that he is at risk of acid attacks because of “right-wing extremist” rhetoric (the clear majority of acid attacks in London have occurred in high Muslim population areas and most are linked to robberies).

Robertson repeatedly makes clear that he thinks “all religions are bad,” before asking if the driver is canceling his trip because of Robertson’s political and religious beliefs.

“Yeah of course I am,” the driver responds.

The incident is almost certainly a violation of the 2010 UK Equality Act, which makes it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their “religion,” including “a reference to a lack of religion,” which accurately describes what Robertson said in the video clip.

Infowars reached out to Uber for comment but the company has yet to respond.

Uber drivers in London are almost exclusively non-British and their growing presence has triggered what some have called the “cabby wars,” a clash with largely native black cab drivers who have to complete exhaustive knowledge tests that Uber drivers don’t.

Uber drivers in London are accused of sexually assaulting customers once every eleven days, figures released last year revealed.

Robertson told Infowars that the incident reflects, “The growing hostility towards anyone with conservative views in London and the double standards of discrimination in the UK.”


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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