A video out of the UK shows police officers entering a man’s house after breaking in to check whether he was having a social gathering in violation of coronavirus lockdown rules.

“We’ve had a call that there might be something going on here so we need to double check,” says a female officer as she enters the man’s residence.

“We need to check the rooms to make sure there’s nothing going on,” she adds before the man responds, “What are you doing in my house?”

The officer claims they received a call about a “disturbance,” which was almost certainly a neighbor grassing up the man because they thought he had invited friends around to his home.

The man is clearly irate that the police have smashed in his door and he berates them with foul language throughout.

The four officers, who clearly don’t have a warrant, then proceed to check the house as the man continues to swear at them and tell them to leave.

After the officers leave, the man complains, “Fucking idiots, broke my fucking door, look at the fucking state of this,” as she shows the shattered door.

Video clips of similar incidents are now appearing almost every day as police become more zealous in enforcing the lockdown.

Last week, we highlighted an incident during which a female police officer told a family that their children couldn’t play outside in their own front garden.

This prompted a response from the government clarifying that this was in fact totally legal.


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