Footage out of Seattle shows an angry feminist shrieking at a man who decided to preach about God instead of staying at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

“Go home! There is a stay-at-home order! And you are literally not following it,” the woman cried. “Go home!”

“I need to preach the word of God,” the man replied.

“GO HOME! GO HOME! GO THE F*CK HOME YOU ASSH*LE!” the woman screamed.

“I will continue screaming. Would you like that? Because I’m actually finding it really, really relaxing,” she added.

“Well, why don’t you explain to me why what I’m doing is-” he began.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Go the f*ck home!” the control freak shrieked.

One can’t help but wonder, if she’s so concerned about the stay-at-home order, why is she being filmed on the Seattle streets in violation of it?

This is just another example of how the left worships government orders when it gives them the opportunity to be self-righteous.

Michael Cargill of Central Texas Gun Works talks about the new order put in place and the attempt to shut down his store.

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