Anti-Trump rioters smashed storefronts, destroyed vehicles and committed other violent, criminal acts in the name of civil disobedience in Washington DC before the 2017 inauguration.

Marching down a street with a banner stating, “Non-peaceful transition,” many rioters covered their faces while others defaced buildings, busted newspaper boxes and set random fires.

Among various chants, some shouted, “No cops, no borders, fight law and order,” “Black lives matter,” and “America was never great.”

Other footage shows protesters busting out windows to a Starbucks business.

“Local store owners huddled in the back of their businesses and telephoned police as their windows were smashed and spray painted with messages, including, ‘F–k Trump’ and ‘Revolution or Death,'” reports CNS News.

Police later arrived and threw tear gas to disperse the violent rioters.

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And, “Donald John Trump Sworn In as POTUS”:

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