During a panel titled “Being Black Under Trump” at Sunday’s Politicon, #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka confronted CNN political analyst April Ryan, calling her “the biggest liar in the room.”

“I want to talk to April Ryan, the biggest liar in this room,” Straka said, directing his question to the CNN analyst.

Ryan responded with anger, saying, “Speaking of lies, let me tell you something, my middle name is ‘truth.'”

“You don’t want this,” she added before walking off the stage.

“You’re the one walking away sweetheart,” Straka quickly retorted before demanding Ryan come back to answer his question.

However, Ryan ironically walked away from the confrontation while Straka explained how CNN lying about President Trump led him to start the #WalkAway movement, a group created to give a voice to Democrats who left the party in the Trump era.

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Watch Straka discuss the #WalkAway movement on The Alex Jones Show:

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