Update #2: The video below was again pulled, this time “due to a copyright claim by HONR Netowrk.” The latest upload comes directly from the Independent Media Solidarity website.

Update: A previous version of this video was removed from Youtube “due to a copyright claim by Lenny Pozner.” Pozner is reportedly the parent of one of the children supposedly killed at Sandy Hook, and it is noted in the documentary that he is also the chairman and CEO of Traxware, “a company that specializes in removal of internet slander, internet defamation, mugshots, defamations of character and online public records.”


“This guy’s company would come in handy to any Sandy Hook hoax perpetrators with prior convictions,” Youtube researcher MrStosh314 states in the film. “He could ultimately remove any negative associations from the Internet. Could he be hanging around online bloggers and researchers for the purpose of protecting the Sandy Hook parents?” Evidently someone does not want this video in the public domain. Download the video and spread it far and wide.

A loose coalition of concerned citizen journalists known as the Independent Media Solidarity have produced an in-depth, well-researched documentary regarding the countless anomalies, inconsistencies and discrepancies evident in the Sandy Hook school shooting investigation.

The video is a tell-all, leave no stone unturned work that coalesces hundreds of data points which researchers laboriously spent countless hours compiling.

“The consensus amongst the group is that the Sandy Hook event is largely or entirely fraudulent,” the video concludes. “To what degree is not certain. The extent of the criminality and how far it reaches into other areas is likewise not certain. However, the group is equally or even more concerned about the greater implications, the ripple effect.”

“We think you’ll agree that any degree of fraud committed for any purpose is not good for our nation and our world.”

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