The Obama White House has refused to call the bombings in New York and the stabbing rampage in Minnesota ‘Islamic terrorism’, instead incessantly repeating the same talking point that ISIS is fighting a ‘war of narratives’.

The Washington Free Beacon cut together a range of clips of Press Secretary Josh Earnest from Monday repeating the same line that the US is engaged in a “narrative battle” with the terror group to debunk the idea that it represents any form of Islam.

Other clips featured in the montage show President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and the several other members of the administration repeating the same talking points.

The videos of Earnest in full are posted in full below for context.

Many Americans will watch the video montage and feel like they are watching the results of a PR meeting being played out in front of them.

While these Obama administration officials are essentially saying they want to battle ISIS with words, ideas, and “counter-narratives,” Americans at home and further afield are under real physical threat. For the majority, story-time with the Obama administration simply won’t hold water.

Earnest stated that the administration is loathed to use action or language that will advance the ISIS ‘narrative’ that the West is at war with Islam, saying that the ‘narrative’ is one of ISIS’ “most powerful weapons.”

“We know that a lot of this radical ideology that ISIL is trying to propagate is being spread online,” Earnest said Monday. “And so we want to make sure that we’re getting out our counter-narrative against ISIL, and we’re having some progress, we’re making some progress.”

“When it comes to ISIL, we are in a fight, a narrative fight with them, a narrative battle, and what ISIL wants to do is they want to project that they are an organization that is representing Islam in a fight and a war against the West, and a war against the United States,” he said. “That is a bankrupt, false narrative. It’s a mythology, and we have made progress in debunking that mythology.”

“We can’t play into this narrative that somehow the United States or the West is fighting against the Muslim religion,” he said. “The fact is there are millions of patriotic Muslims in this country right now that make our country proud. They serve in our armed services. They serve in our law enforcement … These are individuals who make a substantial and positive contribution to our country, and that is an inconvenient fact for the ISIL narrative.”

Obama himself has repeatedly spoken about “selling” a narrative and a ‘story-line’ to the American public in order to make policies work:

“It’s not enough just to build the better mousetrap. People don’t automatically come beating to your door. We’ve got to sell it.” Obama said during a 2014 interview.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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