Is it ever OK for white people to say the n-word? Not according to beachgoers in San Diego, the vast majority of whom refused to recite rap lyrics in public.

According to a recent study, hip-hop is the most influential American music of the last 50 years, carrying more clout than rock, and although its popularity with white people seems to be greater than ever before, most of them are deathly afraid of singing along with the lyrics to many of today’s biggest hits.

Explaining that the goal was to “put an end to this double standard that white people can’t sing along with rap music,” Mark Dice tried to get one man to recite the lyrics, but he immediately refused, stating, “Oh, not even a chance….not with words like that!”

Asked whether he would recite the lyrics to “support the First Amendment,” another man responded, “I’m not gonna stand here and drop an n-word or anything.”

A young woman then refuses to read lyrics from a Nicki Minaj song, remarking, “That’s kind of aggressive,” while another man comments, “That’s too much!”

“I don’t wanna say that word,” another woman responds, while her friend also refuses to recite the lyrics.

“I can’t say the n-word….I’m white, it’s against the white person code,” states another woman.

“I don’t want to offend anybody,” asserts another man, while an older gentleman remarks, “Nowadays I’d be in too much trouble altogether.”

Dice finally finds a budding white rapper to recite the lyrics, although judging by his skills, he’s unlikely to be the next Eminem.

While being laden with n-bombs, rap lyrics are also notoriously sexist and demeaning towards women, but the genre has failed to draw much vitriol from feminists, who are seemingly too busy focusing on a “college rape culture” that doesn’t exist.


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