New York City mayor Bill de Blasio fled in fear as a woman from Queens publicly excoriated him over his decision to join anti-Trump protests at the G20 summit in Germany just hours after an NYPD officer was assassinated.

Mayor de Blasio (née Warren Wilhelm) had just wrapped an appearance in the Whitestone neighborhood of Queens and was making his way over to a small crowd for handshakes and photo-ops when Vickie Paladino, a resident of the city for 63 years, unleashed fury at de Blasio, who quickly retreated to the safety of his waiting SUV, while reportedly pleading with his security detail, “Get me away from this woman.”

“I’d like to know why you were in Germany when one of your police officers were assassinated,” asked Paladino, mere inches from de Blasio, who ignored her. “Why did you protest against our country in Germany? That’s the real question.”

“I want to know why you let our police officers down, and our country down by going to Germany and protesting against our country.”

“I don’t care about the trees – we’ll work it out – find $18 million dollars to put in your cops pockets,” she continued, alluding to the reason de Blasio had held the presser to announce the allocation of a massive new budget for repairing sidewalks due to tree root growth.

According to the video’s caption, Ms. Paladino happened to be passing by when she saw the mayor and ordered her husband to stop the car so she could give him a piece of her mind as a cadre of NYPD officers observed with gratitude.

“My parents happened to drive by NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio doing a photo-op in their Queens neighborhood, and my mother decided to pull over to tell him exactly what she thinks of him and the job he’s doing,” wrote the original poster. “Local NYPD on the scene shook her hand and thanked her for telling the mayor everything they wish they could say to him themselves.”

Paladino became an instant heroine, with local residents urging her to run for mayor herself, and CBS New York presenting a very complimentary segment and interview with her after the incident.

“The woman in the white shirt single-handedly brought Wrestlemania to the streets of Whitestone, Queens, but her opponent Bill de Blasio was no Hulk Hogan or The Rock – he was more like the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz,” reported CBS2’s Marcia Kramer.

“Why did you go to Germany?” re-iterated Paladino in her CBS interview. “Why did you stand with the communists, with the anarchists, with the socialists, when you’re supposed to be here taking care of our business and our police officers?”

When asked if she would consider running for mayor of New York City, Paladino replied, “Absolutely.”

Paladino has been contacted by both of de Blasio’s top challengers for reelection and could prove a powerful voice on behalf of voters who are fed up with the socialist mayor’s policies, which include his virulent activism against President Trump and blatant disrespect for the NYPD after a slew of assassinations that many would say de Blasio himself helped fuel – including many officers who routinely show their backs to the him on the world stage.

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