A video clip shows Young Turks presenter Hasan Piker getting angry with his own ‘woke’ audience because they can’t tolerate him criticizing a female Democratic candidate without calling him sexist.

“I’m fucking done with all of you,” rants Piker, before explaining how it is only acceptable with his fanbase to criticize straight, white men like Joe Biden.

“You guys are literally turning me into a fucking reactionary,” says Piker, emphasizing that he is allowed to speak bad of “straight white dudes,” but “as soon as I say Amy Klobuchar is a fucking sociopath….everyone’s like ‘I can’t believe you guys are attacking a woman’.”

At the end of the clip, Piker jokes, “Shut the fuck up, yeah I fucking hate women, how about that?”

“When you try to engage 6k people live with political discourse, half the chat is mad i hate straight white males, and the other half is mad i hate women. welcome to the internet,” Piker later tweeted.

Imagine having to pander to such pedantic people every single day?

It’s must be an abject nightmare.


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