Activist prankster Mark Dice received some astounding reactions when he hit the streets of San Diego to inform people that President Obama had nuked Russia.

Dice fooled people into believing that a pre-emptive nuclear strike had been carried out as a way of “sending a message to Putin to stop causing problems with the international community.”

“I’m not into politics but in my opinion I think he makes better decisions than I do, so it’s really his choice,” said one brain dead respondent, actually believing that Obama had vaporized thousands of innocent Russians in Moscow, and that it was a sound idea.

“It”s not only [Obama] making the decisions, it’s everyone there with him, so if they thought it was a good idea, they had to have reasons,” the guy told Dice, in a response completely devoid of any logic.

“I feel like they are able to do whatever they wish,” the guy added in a truly frightening response, saying “He’s technically the President.”

The guy admitted he didn’t really care about nuclear war, while stumbling across a final opinion of “I think nuclear in general is bad,” prompting Dice to dismiss him as a “zombie”.

“I don’t know enough about the subject to give an opinion,” another respondent admitted, before suggesting “I’m sure it’s a difficult subject to weigh an opinion on without knowing.”

Yes, because nuking one of the world’s only other superpowers just to send a message is certainly a difficult subject to make up your mind on these days.

Surely we’re all torn on this one.

“We’ve gotten ourselves involved in several conflicts and sometimes the end result isn’t something we’d wished for…” the woman added.

Dice deadpanned “yes, a nuclear war.”


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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