Jason Douglass
December 14, 2010

Chemtrail can be seen at 1:29

It is widely believed that chemtrails are a modern phenomenon entering public consciousness in the nineties and subsequenty documented by people all over the globe. However, recently uncovered footage shot by American tourists clearly show a persistent contrail in 1938 Nazi Germany.

The traditional explanation for chemtrails is that they are merely normal contrails or condensed water vapor made by the exhaust of airplane engines. An aircraft leaves a contrail if the environmental conditions are just right but it quickly dissipates leaving no trace of itself.

However, chemtrails stay in the air for long periods of time, spreading out and covering the sky in an iridescent silver haze or creating larger cloud-like structures. This is why they are sometimes referred to as ‘persistent jet contrails’ or ‘man-made clouds’.

What could leave this type of contrail in 1938? The first hypothesis could be that it is a normal contrail left by an aircraft. Another culprit for the contrail could be a rocket from the infamous German V2 rocket program run by Wenher von Braun. Finally, the contrail could be made by a specific type — a jet.

The interesting aspect of this footage is the date: May 2, 1938. This date is several years before the V2 rocket program produced a viable prototype and over a year before the first jet engine took to the air.

The only traditional explanation left is that it is made by a propeller type aircraft. Propeller planes have been known to leave contrails but the structure is very obvious and easy to differentiate from the tight contrail left by the preciously mentioned devices.

Propeller contrail:

Could The Nazi’s have been experimenting with chemtrails? Perhaps they were trying to develop a weather modification weapon or an aerosolized delivery method for some kind of medication.

An interesting note is that the U.S. co-opted the engineering and scientific advances of Nazi scientists. The U.S. rocket program was in fact a German rocket program. With programs like Operation Paperclip, the U.S. acquired many scientists from Germany including von Braun and used their research to develop new technologies. These scientists were secretly brought to the U.S. under false employment histories and their Nazi Party affiliations were expunged.

Wehner von Bruan, ex-Nazi Scientist stands behind his NASA desk:

This is the earliest example of a chemtrail that I ever have run across and it is very suspicious that it hangs above Nazi Germany. It is difficult not to draw upon the correlation of the Nazi propensity for genocide and the various calls for population reduction made by contemporary globalist and environmentalists.

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