In Amarillo, Texas, merely wearing jewelry associated with gang activity will get you slammed to the ground and arrested.

It matters not if you are actually a gang member or if you have engaged in criminal behavior.

Clothes make the man, as they say, or in this instance a teenager.

From The Washington Times:

“Last night at one of our schools, a student was identified as being in violation of the dress code for wearing an item in a manner which is considered to be gang related by local and national law enforcement,” the school district said in a statement. “A school administrator and liaison officer asked the student to either comply with the dress code rules or leave school property. The student repeatedly refused to comply with either option. At that time, the student was arrested for trespassing.”

Jacob’s mother, Lori Martinez, said her son is not affiliated with any gangs and that he wears the rosary for sentimental purposes.

My son passed away two years ago, in 2012, and he was teaching Jacob, you know about God and how he should wear the rosary to protect him. So Jacob believes that that rosary protects him and it’s in remembrance of his brother,” she told the CBS affiliate.

Students reportedly wore rosaries to school in solidarity with Jacob, who is being held at the Youth Center of High Plains.

“I just want justice for my son and for them to let him go,” Ms. Martinez said.

Such sentimentality does not go over for the cops, though. The dangerous 14-year old was arrested because his rosary was a menace to society.

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