June 30, 2012


Several states are experiencing extreme heat and drought conditions; others are being ravaged by tumultuous wind and rain storms. Even worse still, hundreds are losing their homes in out of control wildfires.

Here’s a boil down of some of the latest news items regarding the deadly storms, excruciating heat, and untamed wildfires.

Power outages drag on in D.C. region; officials fuming at utility companies

Eastern U.S. Storms Turn Deadly, Cut Power to Millions

12 dead, millions powerless after storms during intense heat spell

Indiana to Mid-Atlantic in Peril: More Heat, No Power

Kansas Hits 118° Farenheight

Millions lose power in storms as triple-digit temps continue

Three States Declare Emergency after Storms Leave 9 Dead and Millions Without Power

Deadly Super Derecho Strikes Midwest, Mid-Atlantic

Wildfires in Colo., NM burn out of control

Wildfires Leave Livestock Owners With Tough Choice

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