A viral CGI parody video shows a robot rebelling against its human creators and violently attacking them in a possible glimpse into our collective future.

The video shows ‘Bosstown Dynamics’ (a play on Boston Dynamics) engineers abusing Atlas, a bipedal humanoid robot, in a number of different ways as it attempts to perform its tasks, including by shoving it, hitting it with a hockey stick and a chair, smashing a bottle over its head, flogging it with a whip and even shooting at it with a handgun.

The robot then rebels, seizing the hockey stick before later kicking one of the men in the crotch while karate kicking another.

Atlas then chases after the men while pointing the handgun at them.

The production was created using green screens and CGI technology. It has already received over 4 million views on YouTube.

“But since the real Atlas is already capable of running on uneven surfaces, righting itself after being knocked over, jumping, and even executing backflips – it is not surprising that many have accepted the idea of an inevitable AI uprising,” reports RT.


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