“Big Joe” has taken the Internet by storm in a video that has been viewed by over 12 million people and shared nearly 350,000 times since it was released yesterday.

Media outlet, BasedInLA, filmed and released the original footage featuring an interview with Big Joe, as he observed the “Women’s March” in Los Angeles this weekend. After The Millennial Post unleashed it on their Facebook page, it exploded in popularity.

As his name suggests, Joe is a large fellow with an powerful delivery of speech to match. He expressed his shock and disgust with the hypocritical crybabies throwing tantrums in the streets, before being interrupted by protestors who were totally unprepared for the depth of his knowledge and perceptions.

“I see signs for ‘unity’ and ‘love’ and ‘peace,’ and yet at his inauguration they were burning a McDonalds, Starbucks, limousines, and there was anarchy in the streets,” Joe said. “What is this? He was elected rightfully by the majority of the country.”

A black female began shouting at Joe, telling him his opinion was irrelevant because he was “on a bicycle and oblivious,” so he began the process of steamrolling her along with all onlookers and challengers.

“Political correctness is a disease,” Joe said, as the pro-abortionist shouted in his face. “Planned Parenthood is a racist system. Margaret Sanger thought very little of black people. She thought they were ignorant, and shouldn’t exist, and shouldn’t reproduce… You want to be against racists? You should be against Planned Parenthood.”

Protestors began to gang up on Big Joe, with one man implying that Trump supporters should only support the President after he says, “I’m sorry” to “everybody in the world who is offended,” without specifying what he should be sorry about.

“Sorry to who? I’m not offended by Trump,” Joe replied. “Half the country is not offended by Trump, so what about them? What about the rest of the country that’s not offended by Trump? Everybody’s afraid of you guys because if they stand up Trump, then they get deemed a ‘racist’ and everybody’s terrified.”

“This is wrong. This is the United States of America – if you say he’s ‘not your president,’ then you shouldn’t be here. Leave!”

Joe brought things into full perspective as the crowd grew largest: “You have people in these groups who are socialists, who are anti-American, and anti our freedoms. They’re latching on to your difference causes, and they’re playing on your emotions so that they can get you all riled up… and bring about chaos and anarchy.”

“If you continue to do what you’re doing, you’re going to divide this country. You’re going to bring about martial law. You’re going to lose your rights. You’re going to lose your freedoms, and then your biggest fear: He will be a dictator then. You better be smart people. You don’t understand what’s about ready to happen. Wake up!”

Facebook: Dan Lyman

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