Teenage black conservative activist CJ Pearson came to Judge Jeanine Pirro’s defense in a viral video posted to his Twitter account Friday.

“@JudgeJeanine, America stands with you,” he wrote above the video. “If you’re a black and conservative, they call you an Uncle Tom. If you’re female and conservative, you’re called things that I’m not sure my mom would be ok with me repeating. There is no group in America more bigoted than Leftists.”

“This is the tolerant left that like to pretend that they care about black people, and women, and all the underdogs in America, but when those underdogs in America start to speak up – when those underdogs in America start to walk away from the liberal plantation we are treated with the most vileness and disrespect you wouldn’t expect from the most tolerant among us,” Pearson said, comparing the treatment conservative women like Pirro get from the left to that of black conservatives.

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