A viral video on social media purports to show a man being removed from a London bus by heavily armed police who discover at least three machetes in his backpack while passengers observe in shock.

The video has been posted by various accounts, with a Facebook page called “Freshman News” garnering over 4 million views and 80,000 shares in the first 18 hours.


The man can be seen in handcuffs while London police go through his bags on the sidewalk next to a parked bus.

“They’ve got his rucksack… geez,” the citizen journalist can be heard saying while he records. “It’s the proper armed police, as well,” he observes, indicating that the escalating situation is one beyond the capabilities of unarmed police, which constitute much of London’s force.

“Oh my days – that’s a massive knife man,” he exclaims as the officer searching the bags procures a machete with a blade that appears to be at least 12 inches in length. “So, they tracked him from the shop then – that’s a massive knife bro, what the hell.”

“There’s no excuse for that mate.”

“OK, the police are doing their actually – congratulations to them,” he adds. “What’s the excuse of this dude carry this big knife?”

“Police were called shortly after 2pm on Monday, 5 June, to a man reportedly in possession of three large knives who had boarded a bus traveling on Barking Road,” said a police spokesman. “The man was identified and monitored by police prior to his arrest at around 14:35 hrs on suspicion of possessing offensive weapons.”

“Three large knives were recovered. The man has been taken into custody at an east London police station.”

However, authorities say they are not treating the incident as ‘terror related.’

Barking Road has served as ground central for searches and arrests in the wake of Saturday night’s bloody jihad on London Bridge.

Just days after Islamists butchered dozens of innocent pedestrians in London with long knives, the footage is likely to put an already traumatized city further on edge – despite virtue-signaling leftists’ claims to the contrary.

In an interview with Alex Jones on Monday, citizen journalist Mark Antro shared the truth about how Londoners are reacting to the third major terror attack on British soil in less than three months – and second in London – saying that he and his friends and family are altering their usual plans to generally avoid busy parts of the city that could be targeted for further strikes.

“People are saying that people in London aren’t scared, that we’re carrying on as normal – we’re not,” he said. “The media is portraying one thing, and the people are feeling very, very different.”

Intelligence officers revealed last week that there are as many as 23,000 known jihadists roaming freely in the UK, with 3,000 judged to “pose a threat” and at least 400 having returned from fighting alongside fellow radicals in Syria and other war torn areas.

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