Carlos Miller
May 12, 2014

Virginia police were aggressively arresting a man at a McDonald’s when another customer decided to pull out his phone and record, capturing a pair of cops forcing the suspect to the floor, even though the man did not appear to be resisting.

The Prince William County police officers handcuffed the man and jerked him up, forcing him outside to their patrol car. The man with the camera followed them outside, intending to continue documenting the arrest.

That was when a cop named Jennings stormed up to him and ordered him back inside, first threatening to arrest him for interfering, even though it was clear he was not interfering, then threatening to arrest him for loitering, even though the man was a paying customer.

Not to mention that forcing him back inside would likely negate any loitering allegation.

“It’s my Constitutional right to do this,” the man said as Jennings bullied him with his body weight, crowding his personal space.

“Right, sure is, stay inside,” Jennings said after forcing him back inside the restaurant.

The cop appears to be the same cop identified in a 2009 Washington Post article as Kevin Jennings.

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