Vanessa Tyson, a Scripps College professor in California, released a sordid account of an alleged 2004 sexual assault she endured from current Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax.

Fairfax would assume the governor’s seat if current Virginia Governor Ralph Northam steps down after dozens of Democrats have called for Northam’s resignation due to the fumbling of his blackface debacle which was really just a distraction from his comments on post-birth abortion.

The sound of crickets is deafening when a Democrat is accused of sexual assault and the Democrats’ hypocrisy never ends.

As Jamie White reports, “Virginia’s Attorney General admitted to wearing blackface at a 1980 college party when he was 19-years-old, marking the third high-ranking Democrat of the state to come under fire in a week.”

The irony is the fourth person in line, if the dominoes fall in Virginia, is a Republican.

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