Not too many people showed up at the anti-lockdown protest in Richmond, Virginia, yesterday, but at least they made their point.

An estimated 20-30 gathered for 45 minutes at the historic state capitol, news reports say, to let Democrat Governor Ralph Northam know they’re tired of the quarantine he imposed 17 days ago.

Three Facebook groups organized the sparsely-attended event that delivered this message: As President Trump said, the cure for the Chinese Virus might be more deadly than the Asiatic pathogen itself.

What They Said
“Who is he to determine what is essential in our society and what is not?” a protester complained of Northam to Richmond’s NBC 12. “I believe the liquor stores are open. Is that essential? There are a lot of things that are open that many people don’t consider essential.”

“You’re trying to supposedly cure a problem but you’re doing more damage in my opinion than you are trying to cure the problem by forcing people to stay in their homes, not be able to earn a living, you know isolation kills, too,” he added.

Another protester agreed.

“It seems ridiculous to me that a lot of businesses are closed. A lot of my friends who own their businesses are in risk of going out of business over this,” he told NBC12.

And he won’t wear a mask, as Northam and other governors have advised, because “I’m not going to have someone tell me I have to.”

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As coronavirus lockdowns continue to get extended, Americans all over the country are standing up for their constitutional rights: from churches to ordinary citizens, everyone is taking a stand.

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