Kurt Nimmo
December 14, 2010

Assange called Visa and MasterCard “instruments of U.S. foreign policy.”

It looks like the financial elite and government are working hand-in-hand to make sure Julian Assange remains in custody as he awaits extradition to Sweden and the United States to stand trial.

After and earlier decision was overturned to deny Assange bail the British court ruled he should be released from Wandsworth Prison under strict conditions and that his numerous supporters, including Bianca Jagger and Lord Evans, pay the court 200,000 pounds.

Enter bankster credit card companies MasterCard and Visa. Both denied Assange’s supporters the use of their credit card services. Assange had called the companies “instruments of U.S. foreign policy.”

A group of political hackers known as Anonymous launched denial of service attacks against MasterCard and Visa in response to the cutting credit card services to Wikileaks earlier in the month.

“According to Assange’s lawyer, who insists that the detention is turning into a show trial, he was told credit cards could not be used for the bail. Visa and MasterCard denied having put any bar on making payments to the British court system,” writes Jasosn Ditz.

It is now obvious the authorities plan to keep Assange locked up in a prison described to be like something out of a Dickens novel. Assange may be kept there until he can be extradited to Sweden where he faces trumped up rape charges and then to America where he can prosecuted as an official enemy of the state. A number of establishment politicians have called for his assassination and execution.

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The entire affair is beginning to look more and more like an orchestrated event with Julian Assange serving as an idealistic leftist dupe and patsy for a national security state operation designed to demonize the alternative media and eventually regulate and legislate it out of existence.The FCC has made public its plan to regulate the internet the same way it regulates broadcast media.

Alex Jones covered this brazen attempt to Sovietize media on December 7:

“The 48 hour delay in Assange’s release for the appeal appears to be little more than a formality, as Judge Riddle has expressed annoyance at Swedish lawyers’ refusal to produce any evidence against Assange in their extradition request,” Ditz continues. “The struggle to come up with all that money in cash might take a bit longer.”


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