Alex Jones talks with leading economist Max Keiser about his experience with the propaganda mouthpiece Voice of America.

Here’s the exchange from today’s show:

Alex Jones: Did you see the RT reporter that you’re talking about who did that whole staged thing that she quit, testifying before Congress — we played it last week — saying basically get rid of free speech and then evil alternative media must be stopped?

Max Keiser: They asked me to do that.

Alex Jones: Wait a minute. You’re breaking, you’re breaking major news. You’re saying you were approached to do a staged defection from RT.

Max Keiser: Yeah. I actually talked to you on the show two and half years ago. We shared a studio with Voice of America.

Alex Jones: I remember. I used to dial in and you were there. OK. You’ve got the floor, tell us what happened.

Max Keiser: Well, exactly what I just said. And I’ve said on your show before. When we were doing our show in Paris, we shared a studio with the Voice of America. And they would come on and they would do their propaganda. And they would say, “You know what, you should be a patriot. You shouldn’t be doing RT or PressTV, you need to be doing Voice of America.” And I said, “No, you guys are pure propaganda.”

So then, as RT started getting more and more popular, they started coming back to me with “C’mon over,” and they started talking about doing a staged, on-air defection and it’s going to be worth your while and they started talking about some sums of money that were not insignificant. And I kept saying, “No. You don’t get it. You guys are propaganda. I’m a journalist. That’s two different things.”

So then when the Liz Wahl thing went down, I’m like, I checked around and they’re like, yeah, you know, as we all knew, eventually they’d find the weak spot in the organization with their offer.

The timeframe within which Keiser claims he was approached also coincides with the reformation of the Smith-Mundt Act, which at one time ostensibly prohibited the CIA from openly propagandizing Americans.

Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Marti and TV Marti are other media outlets linked to the CIA through the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Voice of America, a well-established US-CIA media propaganda arm, recently attempted to play apologist for the Obama administration’s drone killings, tweeting a headline stating that the murdered US and Italian hostages were “accidentally killed.”

With Keiser rejecting the offer, the order to defect fell on former RT host Liz Wahl, who gained notoriety last year for quitting Russian state media during a live broadcast, a totally inauthentic move that was planned months in advance and was orchestrated with the help of neocon James Kerchick, a former employee of Radio Free Europe.

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