A hidden backdoor election theft mechanism within voting machine software has been discovered and will be widely used in the election, says vote fraud expert Bev Harris.

“You need to have votes counted as fractions,” Harris said on The Alex Jones Show Monday. “You need the votes to be counted with decimal places, like you count money. If a vote is a dollar, you also need to have cents with it. That will not show. It’s hidden.”

The backdoor software uses a method called fractional counting to swing votes, and was first stumbled upon by Harris’ programmer colleague Benny Smith. It works by treating votes as decimals rather than whole numbers, allocating the remainding fractional percentages attached to votes to sway election outcomes.

“He was amazed when he found, after looking at the files, that the pieces were built-in to commit very large scale fraud using a feature that had been very little known before,” Harris said.

All the voting machines in America used to count votes as whole numbers, she continued, but upon further investigation of the programs, votes are now counted as decimals which allows the fractional counting backdoor to work.

“There’s this one central computer, which at the end of the day, all the votes come to it,” Harris pointed out. “That’s where you take it. You don’t run around to 5,000 different precincts. You wait until the votes come to you, and then you have your way with them.”

The way to fight against this widespread systematic fraud is to make public records request for ballot images, which are taken at many polling places, even if the machine is computerized, said Harris.

“Go in there with a USB stick the day after the election and say ‘I’d like all the ballot images on this USB stick thank you very much’, and if they obstruct or say they don’t have them, document it,” she instructed. “Document that they have destroyed the key audit record that would authenticate the count.”

This astounding discovery comes on the heels of Project Veritas’ damning videos exposing Democrat operatives discussing how they’ve been rigging elections for the last fifty years, as well as Wikileaks’ relentless data dumping of John Podesta’s emails revealing more collusion and corruption between the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

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