The “Obola: Tyranny is the Disease” contest is coming to an end, and Infowars wants your input in deciding who deserves top prize.

Alex Jones plans to announce the first prize $5,000 winner, second prize $2,000 winner and third prize $500 winner during tomorrow’s broadcast.

Review all of the entries below and give us your take:

polls & surveys

The Truth is Viral

Spreading Liberty in the Den of Criminals

Going Postal: You’ve Got Ebola Mail

Obama Spreads Ebola Awareness in Chicagoland

Ebola Visits Skull & Bones

Ebola Goes Digital

Watch several of the “#Obola: Tyranny is the Disease” contest entries in the Youtube playlist below:

A big special thanks goes out to everyone who helped spread the message of liberty in their towns and communities. Remember, You Are The Resistance!

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