Voters overwhelmingly believe ISIS is a real threat to the country. They also think America’s fight against the Islamic extremists is going badly.

That’s according to a new Fox News poll released Wednesday.

Most voters, 81 percent, feel the Islamic extremist group ISIS poses a “real national security threat” to the United States. That includes large majorities of Republicans (92 percent), independents (81 percent) and Democrats (73 percent).

More voters think ISIS is a threat to the homeland than think Iran is (65 percent).

Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds say things are going at least somewhat badly for the United States in the fight against the Islamic extremists: 34 percent say “somewhat” badly and another 29 percent say “very” badly.

A third of voters feel the fight against ISIS is going well (three percent “very” well and 30 percent “somewhat” well).

By a slim margin, Democrats are more likely to say the fighting is going badly (50 percent) than going well (44 percent).

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