Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has dismissed President Barack Obama’s recent criticisms of the state’s voter laws, which have been the target of federal and civil lawsuits in recent years. Abbott argued Monday that Texas has to be vigilant against voter fraud, although he provided no evidence that fraud exists.

“What I find is that leaders of the other party are against efforts to crack down on voter fraud,” Abbott said. “The fact is that voter fraud is rampant. In Texas, unlike some other states and unlike some other leaders, we are committed to cracking down on voter fraud.”

Obama, in an editorial meeting with the Texas Tribune last Friday, said state leaders are to blame for Texas having one of the lowest voting-age participation rates of the states that held presidential primaries in 2016. (The state had a participation rate of 21.5 percent, according to the Tribune.) Voting laws in Texas have be changed to require specific forms of photo ID that many poor, elderly and racial minority voters are least likely to have, voting rights advocates have said.

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