Administration sources have expressed concerns that elements of the “intelligence-industrial complex” are trying to discredit Donald Trump to forcibly remove him from office.

“I think there’s a point there, and there are a number of different people on Capitol Hill and in the administration who I’ve talked about who are concerned that there is, in fact, this intelligence-industrial complex that is trying to take out Donald Trump or somehow discredit him, or get under and disqualify him or some of his officials that are working for him,” said Fox News host Bret Baier during an interview with Melissa Francis.

“It’s a real issue, and it is something that Sean Spicer got to right there in that answer.”

Iowa Congressman Steven King argued that the “political assassination” of Michael Flynn was the result of actions by elements of the intelligence community who do not want Donald Trump to succeed.

“It’s clear that there are people within the intelligence community who disagree with President Trump, who don’t want to see his administration succeed — that’s part of the configuration of these timed leaks that have come out,” he said on CNN.

He said Flynn “has been subject to a political assassination, [regardless] of what he did or didn’t say to President Trump or Vice President Pence.”

California Congressman Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence, suggested the nine intelligence officials who leaked the contents of Flynn’s phone call to the Washington Post belong in jail.

“That’s nine leakers that all belong in jail,” he said. “Those nine people broke the law, clearly, by leaking classified information to anybody.”

King also expressed a desire to discover the identities of those in the intelligence community leaking classified information in violation of the law.

“In the process of this, we need to find out who the leaking moles are who are violating federal law inside this government,” he said. “Because we can’t function [in a] national security standpoint if we’ve got that kind of spillage coming out of the intelligence community.”

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