Texas authorities are on alert for retaliatory attacks from biker gangs after a wild brawl in Waco that left nine dead, 18 injured and dozens arrested.

“There was a green light put out on law enforcement, is our understanding from last night,” Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton said Monday, a day after the melee. “We are aware of that threat.”

The U.S. Border Patrol office in Del Rio, Texas, issued a bulletin saying its intelligence center had received information that gang members had “issued orders to shoot and kill uniformed law enforcement officers,” CBS Dallas reported.

The Texas Joint Crime Information Center issued a separate bulletin saying members of Bandidos and Cossacks, two of the gangs involved in the bedlam, “reportedly have been instructed to arm themselves with weapons and travel to north Texas,” according to CBS Dallas and the New York Times.

But that advisory did not warn of direct attacks on police. “(Gang) members may ignore all law enforcement presence on the route, and thus may not stop if engaged,” it said.

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