Jason Douglass
December 15, 2010

When NAFTA was pushed through in the mid-ninties, I was working for Gap. Our managers held a special meeting to demand we support NAFTA legislation.

I was flabbergasted that I was being directed not only how to think but how to vote by an employer. The message was crystal clear — if I wanted to keep my job I had to vote the way the company instructed.

Today Infowars received an anonymous tip that Wal-Mart employees have been met with a similar ultimatum. During a morning store meeting in Arizona, employees of the mega-giant were told not to post anything negative about the company’s new partnership with DHS on Facebook or any other site.

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The recent partnership is part of the ‘If you see something, say something’ program that will turn Wal-Mart shoppers into a paranoid snitch army.

Corporations think they have ultimate control over everything. You and I are merely pawns to be used as they wish on a corporate/government chessboard. Free speech has been eroded and we are all sitting around arguing semantics.


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