Walmart has caved to pressure and banned a ‘racist’ Israeli military Halloween costume because it is “anti-Arab”.

“The costumes — an oversize prosthetic hooked nose sold as the “Sheik Fagan Nose” and an Israeli military uniform intended for small children — were marked as anti-Arab by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, which said on Twitter that it broached the matter with the retailer,” reports Time.

It appears as though the ban originated as a result of just one Twitter user – Nadeem Muaddi – being offended by the Israeli military uniform. This again illustrates how retailers are so quick to cave in to social media outrage when the best course of action is always to refuse to apologize or kowtow to the demands of the perpetually outraged.

Both of the costumes remain available on, although social justice warriors are also campaigning to have such items removed by the online retail giant.

“An online campaign named “One Star For Hate” is calling on web users to leave negative reviews on Amazon products – particularly costumes – it deems to be offensive. Supporters are offered the chance to win a $3,000 scholarship if they leave a negative review,” writes Allum Bokhari.

However, Amazon has shown a zero tolerance policy for politically motivated review campaigns in the past, and the fact that the campaign is providing supporters with a ‘copy and paste’ review text clearly violates Amazon’s terms of service.

As we highlight in the video below, MTV is also teaching young people that virtually every Halloween costume besides the usual witch, ghost or monster is racist. One of the presenters even wishes a car accident on parents who dress their kids in ‘offensive’ costumes.

The clip features a number of Halloween costumes that the MTV presenters deem to be politically incorrect, including a Native American outfit, a Geisha Girl, an Arabian Sultan and a Rastafarian.

The MTV video does not make reference to Cowboy outfits, which by the rules of their argument would be considered offensive because they culturally appropriate white 19th century Americans from the old west, or Oktoberfest costumes – which might be considered xenophobic since they mimic white German beer maids.


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