Videos confirm zombie plague sweeping America

Paul Joseph Watson
November 29, 2013

Walmart was less concerned about the screaming mobs fighting over TVs during yesterday’s “Black Thursday” horror show and more worried about ejecting people for filming the carnage.

“I went to the Walmart in my parent’s town on Thanksgiving around 8pm,” writes the YouTube user who recorded the video above. “I was driving back to the hotel and I saw it PACKED! Therefore I went in, and expected to interview people about why they are there. Instead I saw this, videoed it, and was promptly kicked out of the store.”

The video shows dozens of people squabbling over televisions, with one man throwing another to the ground as a woman screams, “Oh my God!” Police stand nearby but do nothing to stop the melee.

Apparently, Walmart’s policy is not to train their staff to try to prevent mini-riots from breaking out, but to train them to target the people who film such scenes. Whether this is a deliberate effort to censor bad PR is unknown, but the video above already has hundreds of thousands of views and is likely to have millions by the end of the day.

But it wasn’t just Walmart that had apparently told their staff to censor people filming “Black Thursday” carnage, the video below, shot in an unknown location, shows an employee frantically yelling “stop now!” to someone who was filming a police arrest of a woman who got into a fight with another customer over a TV.

The video is chilling because the woman appears to behave like an actual zombie even as the cops aggressively restrain her on the floor, desperately clinging onto the television she has just seized from another woman.

Reports from across the country confirmed that a zombie epidemic had once again gripped America, as Twitter was ablaze with stories of crazy lunatics going on violent rampages simply to secure electronic goods made by slaves in China which they cannot afford and don’t really need.

Social critic Mark Dice bravely ventured near crowds of consumer zombies in a desperate attempt to make them understand that they were ruining Thanksgiving.

Watch more videos of the zombie plague below.

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