A T-shirt featuring the image of a beheaded Donald Trump was pulled from Walmart’s website Thursday.

The image, a play on a 1993 album cover by Mexican-American metal band Brujeria, depicts the Republican nominee’s head being held near the words “Matando Güeros” or “killing whites.”


After attention was brought to the item, which also features the phrase “Make America Hate Again” on the back, by website dangerousminds.net, Walmart pulled the shirt from its online store roughly 24 hours later.


According to comments on MetalSucks.net, the shirt was likely uploaded to the site by a private seller:

“The shirt is actually sold on their websites marketplace by private seller called Rockabilia. Walmarts website works kind of like amazon in that Walmart sells stuff and they also allow private sellers to sell stuff also.”

Walmart has not made any public comments on the shirt or the reason for its removal thus far.

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