Venezuela’s socialist government hopes increased tourism will help replace oil revenue, in their “collapsing” economy.

But even the Washington Post was skeptical on Jan. 12, writing, “Yet for a country saddled with the world’s highest inflation rate and rampant violence, Becoming a tourist paradise may be as improbable as a new Disney theme park in Damascus.”

“Tourism is the oil that never runs out,” Venezuela’s tourism minister Marleny Contreras said recently. But the newspaper found hotel managers like Vanessa Sojo disagreed with Contreras. Business at Sojo’s hotel “slid by 80 percent” in 2017 as international airports stopped flying to Venezuela and the U.S. and other European countries issued travel warnings.

Hotels and restaurants, necessities for tourists are “jacking up prices almost daily,” due to the 3,000 percent inflation rate, the Post reported.

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