Editor’s Note: Because the US and NATO members were not censured after their openly illegal war in Libya,  the same players are marching forward again in complete contravention of international law, taking sides and helping to escalate a civil war in Syria, will is a prelude to a planned attack on Iran. Hillary Clinton is acting in the official capacity as a US Secretary of State, and therefore cannot supply logistical, military support, cash and arms directly or via a third party to an international force currently based in Turkey for the purposes of over-throwing the government in a legitimate sovereign nation. The very same al-Qaida mercenaries used by the US and UK intelligence services in Libya are now being used to overthrow the government in Syria. For this and other crimes, she should be put in the dock, but unfortunately the US (conveniently) never signed up the the Hague’s ICC. Meanwhile, none of Clinton’s rogue actions are being discussed or debated in Congress, and certainly there is no declaration of war to be voted on. US is now officially engaging in an open, completely corrupt, pure mafia-style foreign policy. Americans need to to take action now, before people like Clinton push the West further towards a highly likely World War III scenario.

London Telegraph

December 6, 2011

Mrs Clinton is expected to speak with seven opposition members in Geneva, where she is to give a speech on human rights. It will be her second meeting with opposition members in six months, following a similar gathering in Washington in July.

The United States, the European Union and Turkey have all imposed sanctions on Syria for the violence and the Arab League has announced plans to try to pressure President Assad to end the violence.

Syrian authorities say they are fighting foreign-backed “terrorist groups” trying to spark civil war who they claim have killed some 1,100 soldiers and police since March.

US officials offered no further details on Mrs Clinton’s planned meeting, which will take place on the second day of a five-nation trip to Europe.

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