In The Fallout
October 9, 2009

This morning, Americans were greeted with a shocking example of real-life Orwellian doublethink. We found out that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Here is a list of President Barack Obama’s deeds in the pursuit of peace on Earth:

* Issued an order to close the prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, but has not approved any plans to actually do so.
* Oversaw a reduction in actual US troops in Iraq, only to replace them with private mercenaries
* Expanded the war in Afghanistan into Pakistan by increasing the number of air attacks in its border regions
* Increased the number of US troops in Afghanistan by tens of thousands, with many more on the way
* Established a US military presence on Colombian military bases
* Refused to lend even the most superficial support to the political opposition in Iran, even as the regime there publicly executed dissidents
* Stood idly by as police and National Guard troops engaged in one of the most vicious crackdowns against free-speech in recent memory while attending the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA
* Has spoken glowingly (particularly during his campaign) of China, and refused to criticize its government’s ever-lengthening list of human rights abuses.
* Continues to allow Blackwater (now Xe) to be awarded defense contracts, even in light of reports of child prostitution rings being run out of it’s facilities in Iraq.

…and the list will continue to grow.

Recently, his administration has begun beating the drums of war with Iran, not in defense of its oppressed citizens of course, but because of claims that the country is developing weapons of mass destruction. Claims that stand in direct contrast to information provided by the International Atomic Energy Agency and even internal US intelligence reports. While there are legitimate reasons to engage in some kind of action against the current Iranian regime–WMD’s are the least of them. Clearly this President isn’t interested in aligning himself with free citizens of a truly liberated Iran, he prefers liberation of the Bush/Cheney variety–more commonly known as starving them with sanctions and then blowing the hell out of them.

[efoods]What’s that you say? That sounds more like a list of deeds done in opposition to peace than a list of achievements that merit an award like the Nobel Peace Prize?

If that’s what you were thinking then congratulations, you, unlike so many other millions of people, are capable of actual independent thought! Anyone who isn’t completely drugged out of their mind, or pays attention to anything in the world around them can clearly see that President Barack Obama has not done a single thing to promote peace anywhere in the world.

We free thinking people must ask, with all of this information–why was Mr. Obama given this prestigious award?

There is no easy answer to this question. The most likely explanation is rooted in Mr. Obama’s commitment to globalization and the United Nations. He believes very strongly that the UN is the key to global order, and has acted to bring the United States in line with UN doctrine. Sadly, that doctrine calls for substantial weakening in national sovereignty. It requires the acceptance of rules put in place not by our own elected representatives, but by unelected representatives of foreign powers–many of which are inherently corrupt.

True adherence to UN mandates can only lead to global governance by unelected individuals who have little to know respect for the US Constitution or the rights enumerated within it. ‘

The Nobel Committee commented that the prize was awarded to Mr. Obama because he changed the climate of international relations through his commitment to diplomacy. Apparently these individuals view a commitment to diplomacy as a commitment to global governance–which Mr. Obama is quite clearly comfortable with, as he’s demonstrated by being the first sitting US President to actually chair the UN Security Council.

If this is a commitment to peace, then the Orwellian nightmare feared by so many is finally coming to pass. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery to unelected UN bureaucrats, and Ignorance is most definitely Strength.

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