Carolyn Harris
December 13, 2008

We’ve lived during the War on Poverty, we’re being imprisoned ‎in record numbers during the War on Drugs (it’s pretty clear ‎that the drugs are ‎winning), and now we are embroiled in a bitter war on ‎an emotion – Terror. We’re told it’s going to be a long one.‎

Notice how violent ‎acts aimed at having a political effect are no longer “terrorism”but the emotion of terror ‎itself? ‎

Somehow these crafty criminals are still called “terror-ists“– how do they do that? They ‎are not only smart enough to evade the largest military in the world, hold nations hostage to their acts (and ‎the threat of new ones, however unstated they are) but– and this is the big one – they defy the ‎determined language of the propagandists! ‎

Just who do they think they are?‎

Our shiny new GWOT (George W’s Ongoing Travesty? Gain Willpower Over Teething?) pales in ‎comparison to the narrowly-caught state-sponsored acts of that-terrible-emotion, er, terrorism by ‎‎hapless patsies gathered up to make our GWOT look like the tail isn’t ‎wagging it.‎

Except that by simple logic, it is. ‎

If individual members with little funding, less training than our enormous standing military and little ‎logistical help can not only hold off, but actually force the retreat of said enormous standing ‎military and all its little friends around the world, the tail is actually wagging the dog.‎

Since it’s not politically correct to mention “blowback” n polite company, one can only be left with one conclusion: it’s a ‎farce. Well, it is.‎

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Governments have staged numerous acts of terror-ism to get what it wants. Like a ‎spoilt child who can’t get its way by asking politely, it rampages around the world like a bull in a ‎china shop, committing all manner of foul deeds to scare people into giving in to its demands, ‎using that-terrible-emotion as leverage to force the unsuspecting people and their governments ‎into acquiescing.‎

Why don’t we have a war on an emotion we can actually beat, like jealousy, greed, envy or ‎perhaps naked pathological ambition? Probably because most of the government would promptly ‎end up in prison. And what would we call those who perpetrated evil acts intended to foster ‎those-other-terrible-emotions anyway? Jealousyite? Greedies? Envy-nistas? ‎

None of them have quite the same ring to them as terror-ists. And they don’t sound very ‎scary, either, except for the naked pathological ambition-ites. But we see that every ‎four years so it doesn’t scare us anymore and it doesn’t really motivate us the way it used to.‎

Speaking of the War on Poverty, how can there be any “winning” that war when millions of ‎people, and more each day, are losing their jobs, cars and homes and are living in the tent cities are springing up outside of major cities everywhere in America? ‎By any rational measure that would indicate a pretty sound failure. ‎

Oh, that’s right, the government will only fight over an emotion-that-sounds-terrible. All those ‎other wars we don’t intend to win anyway.‎

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