TERROR cops in hazmat suits are forcing coronavirus-infected residents in a Spanish town to stay at home and self-isolate.

Around 30 people infected with the bug in the town of Haro – in the northern province of La Rioja – were previously warned they face arrest and forced hospital quarantine if they fail to comply.

Pictures on Sunday showed specially-trained Civil Guard special ops, from the Rapid Action Group, going door-to-door to notify infected residents they must stay inside their homes.

They wore NBC-style suits known as chem suits including headgear which covered their faces to carry out the work – but locals complained the ops were treating the town as if it were Chernoybl.

The reported cases in Haro, which has a population of just over 12,000, come after people attended a gypsy funeral in the Basque capital Vitoria, which has been blamed for infecting around 60 people with coronavirus.

Local reports said 22 self-isolation notifications had been handed in to those affected.

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