Conservative comedian Terrance Williams’ Facebook account was suspended after he posted screenshots of people sending him death threats, yet the accounts who sent the threats are still up.

Speaking with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, Williams said, “Facebook is coo-coo for cocoa puffs, I have never been to jail until Facebook put me in the Facebook County Jail.”

Touching on Facebook’s hypocrisy by suspending him and not the people calling him Uncle Tom and the N-word, Williams pointed out, “You’re going to ban me because I’m exposing them? You’re telling me that I’m harassing them and that I’m bullying them? Y’all have lost your everlasting mind.”

Watters suggested Williams could be getting targeted because he’s a black conservative, citing the recent censorship of Diamond and Silk as an example.

Williams agreed that race could be a factor, saying, “The Democrats are mad that black people are waking up so they see me and they’re like ‘oh my god this black is woke, he don’t want our food stamps, he don’t want our welfare and he’s doing nothing but speaking facts. Oh no we have to silence him we have to shut him down.'”

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