JT Coyoté
March 4, 2011

In August of 2010 I published an article on these pages titled “Obama gains foreign support against 2nd Amendment.” The article was spawned as a result of an April 2009 meeting between Mexican President Felipe Calderon and newly inaugurated U.S. President Barack H. Obama. This summit centered on Mexican fears that illegal firearms may be entering Mexico across our common border.

Revelations the last few weeks by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms whistle-blower John Dodson, show proof that not only did illegal firearms begin entering Mexico, but for the last 15 months with the assistance of the BATFE, at least 2000 semi-auto rifles and pistols from 5.56mm to 50 caliber have found there way into the hands of Mexican drug and street gangs — all with the full sanctioning of the U.S. Justice Department. This is detailed in a February 23, 2011 article titled  “Gunrunning scandal uncovered at the ATF” and then blown wide open in the March 3, 2011 follow-up, “Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico”, both written by CBS Journalist, Sharyl Attkisson.

Now that we have the background on this little Justice Department black operation called “Fast and Furious” — an operation that took place apparently without the knowledge or consent of the Mexican government — oooh, that’s gonna leave a mark, eh Hillary?   Let’s do a little “dot connecting”– let’s see if we can flesh out this operation that over the last 15 months or so has been anything but fast and furious.

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Initially we learn that the program is to target individuals and groups who purchase firearms, so-called straw buyers, and then smuggle the weapons across the Mexican border. If that be the case, why were they not stopped and confiscated when they reached the border.  After all the BATFE was videotaping these straw purchases. And the half dozen or so gun shops that supplied the guns were in on the sting.  Well, maybe stopping straw purchases wasn’t the real reason after all. There has to be another reason why the BATFE and the Justice Department allowed these guns to make there way deep into Mexico.

There has to be a logical reason the Feds allowed “Fast and Furious” to become “Slow and Deadly” since those weapons were used  to murder literally thousands of people in the bloodiest 15 months in modern Mexican history.  Does this make it easier for the Drug Enforcement Agency and the border Patrol to interdict Mexican gang and drug cartel members as they cross the border?  No, it does not.  In December 2010 while attempting to stop cartel members crossing the border, a shoot-out erupted in which the border agent Brian Terry was killed.  Two of the weapons found were from the straw purchases. this is when agent John Dodson decided to blow the whistle.

Ah, that’s it… it’s all coming together now. The only purpose for allowing thousands of American firearms to be used in the killing of thousands of Mexicans, is to get the Mexican people on board with Obama, Biden, Clinton, and others, fighting to destroy the 2nd Amendment — in a REAL War across the Mexican border.

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Thank you for your courage John Dodson, you sir, are an American Hero!

J.T. Coyoté is an antique firearms expert, gunsmith, and guest columnist for the  Summit Daily News

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